Wednesday, October 2, 2019


This is the record of Sue Anne and Bruce’s September 2019 visit to Berlin. We have a long history with the city, dating back to the Cold War era when it was isolated within East Germany, and then further split in two by the Wall. We had been back twice since the Wall came down and Germany was reunited, and this was trip #3. There surely will be more. We rejoice in the progress that has been made in the 30 years post-Wall, and in the resilient and joyful spirit of the Berliners. Berlin bleibt doch Berlin!

We posted day by day on the blog, so it is arranged here in reverse chronological order — most recent first. To read it in the customary beginning to end order, click here to get to the first entry, and then work your way back up via the Newer Posts link at the bottom of each page. Or click on the desired post in the list over on the right side of the page.

As has been our practice on previous trips, we wrapped the blog up with a dissertation of the impressions we gained throughout the trip. That’s the next post below here. Click Older Posts to get there. We might keep adding on to that one for a while as new thoughts come to mind.

As always, Sue Anne came well equipped with sketchbooks and drawing supplies. You can view her artistic impressions of the trip on her art blog.

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